WinTumblr 1.6

Update all your Tumblr accounts straight from your desktop


  • Option to close windows after posting
  • Small, inconspicuous interface
  • All Tumblr post options available on your desktop
  • Update multiple Tumblr accounts at a time


  • No option to disable auto-post to Twitter
  • No ability to read your dashboard or messages
  • No option to add tags

Not bad

WinTumblr is a compact little desktop application that allows you to post to your Tumblr accounts without ever opening a browser window.

Set-up and adding accounts on WinTumblr is easy. As long as you know your account name, the email address you registered with, and your Tumblr password, you're set. You can even add multiple Tumblr accounts to WinTumblr and choose which account to post to with ease.

WinTumblr's interface is small and basic, but it gets the job done. You have the option to post in any of Tumblr's primary supported media forms, including text, photos, quotes, links, chats, and videos. Each option opens up a new WinTumblr window. There, you can choose which Tumblr account to use and post to your heart's content. Publication is lightning fast, and the formatting comes out by and large exactly the way each specific type of post should look. There's no real need to worry about editing the contents of your posts once they've been published as a result.

Unfortunately, WinTumblr is of limited usefulness if you want to connect with your followers as there's no way to read from your dashboard or view your private messages and notifications. If you're a Tumblr user who prefers to tag each post as well, WinTumblr may not be the desktop app for you. As of yet, there's no way to include tags, requiring you to open a browser window and edit your post on Tumblr's actual web page.

If you're looking for a desktop app to post content in different forms to Tumblr, WinTumblr is a good choice.



WinTumblr 1.6

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